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High Anxiety: Conquer Your Fear

On this earth, you’ll never run out of things to worry about, but when you adjust the way you worry, you don’t have to scrabble through life. Here are several coping strategies for overcoming chronic anxiety and conquering your fears.

Related Topics: Conquer, Fears, Stress, Anxiety, Coping Strategy, Sin, Pray, Procrastination, Escape, Believe, Trust, Emotional Health

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15 Ways to Reduce Stress in 15 Minutes or Less

Excessive stress can be bad for both your body and your mind. Stress can come in many forms – a huge project at work, family issues, illness – and not addressing it can lead to sleep issues, anxiety, depression, weight gain as well as digestive and heart problems. Here are some fun and quick ways to reduce stress in your daily life.

Related Topics: Stress, Body And Mind, Anxiety, Depression, Weight Gain, Exercise, Physical Activity, Creative, Humor, Reading, Music, Relaxation

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10 Ways to Beat Anxiety

Read about 1o ways that could help you soothe symptons of anxiety in your life.

Related Topics: Emotional Health, Anxiety, Smoking

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Escape the Prison and Pain of Psychological Time

Anxiety can bring anyone down. Find out how to avoid being a victim of anxiety.

Related Topics: Emotional Health, Guy Finley, Anxiety


Children Dealing With Anxiety Or Stress

Tips to help children dealing with anxiety or stress.

Related Topics: Love And Family, Parenting Advice, Parenting Tips, Anxiety, Stress

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Open Heart, Open Mind: Looking at Your Life

A Tibetan Buddhist master shares how to keep fear from holding you back

Related Topics: Fear, Anxiety, Holistic Spirituality, Mindfulness


Healing Anxiety and Fear

How proper breathing can help manage and eliminate panic

Related Topics: Fear, Fear And Anxiety, Anxiety, Breath, Breathe, Breathing


Emotional Health provides expert advice on depression, anxiety, addiction, stress, and other emotional health topics.

Related Topics: Expert, Addiction, Stress, Emotional Health Topics, Expert Advice, Bipolar, Anxiety, Depression, Depression, Emotional Health, Advice

Letting Go


7 Tips to be Anxious About Nothing

Beliefnet expert Dr. Linda Mintle talks about worrying and letting go.

Related Topics: Emotional Health, Dr. Linda Mintle, Anxiety, Letting Go


Encountering Life Storms: Lessons from Pilots

Learn to navigate the storm in your life with these tools.

Related Topics: Emotional Health, Dr. Linda Mintle, Anxiety, Letting Go

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