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Inspiring Chinese Proverbs and Sayings

Chinese proverbs have inspired and guided generations of people. In this simple ancient wisdom you can find tips for daily life. In honor of Chinese New Year, here are 18 Chinese proverbs--like fortune cookies filled with delicious wisdom.

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The Emerald's Allure

Is green the color of heaven and the angels? Green has significant, spiritual meanings--in nature, in various faiths and cultures, and even in the Wizard of Oz.

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Are All Angel Meditation CDs Spiritually Safe?

A Catholic woman seeks advice about two CDs that may not follow her religious beliefs.

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The Diamond in Your Pocket

Searching for something greater than yourself? Gangaji reveals the answer in an ancient riddle.

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The Meaning of New Year's Traditions

From ancient times, people have welcomed the new year with rituals to attract good fortune. Here's a sampling.

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Harvest Holy Days

The Pisces full moon welcomes a sacred moment for many ancient traditions.

Related Topics: Holistic Living, Astrology, Tradition, Ancient Traditions, Ancient, Sacred Moment, Moon, Life Harvest, Palm Branches, Offering Chants, Transition, Heavens Show

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