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Helping a Loved One with an Addiction

It can be extremely challenging to help somebody you love who is struggling with a serious addiction. Usually, an intervention is necessary to start the person down the road to recovery.

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The Amazing Amygdala

Deep inside your brain are two parallel structures, so tiny they’re named for the Latin word for almonds. The amygdala (Latin for almonds) regions are being researched by brain specialists for everything from autism to addiction, from sexual orientation to post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Praying for Your Addicted Loved One

The healing process for families with addiction issues isn’t easy, but God can bring us through, says Sharron K. Cosby. “The Lord promised restoration to his children and to bring them home. He promised to break the bonds that held them captive. I needed to hear and believe this was possible for my family.” It was. Here is her experience.

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Struggling With Addiction? Get to the Root

Unless you learn to cope with life, addiction may always be present.

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Prayer of the Day

Beliefnet offers multifaith and topical prayers to meet every need.

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Top 3 Life Wasting Behaviors

Read on to learn about three behaviors that can stop you from facing your problems.

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Emotional Health provides expert advice on depression, anxiety, addiction, stress, and other emotional health topics.

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You Can Take Control of Your Life!

Somewhere along the line of life, we bought into the fallacy that we can do it all. We can’t. Today’s world leaves us resentful, stressed out, over-stimulated and tired. In order to slow down, it’s time to simplify! But you may not like what it will take!

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Take Your Thoughts Captive!

The daughter of famed motivational speaker and positive-thinking author Zig Ziglar shares secrets she learned growing up in what should have been a perfect environment. It starts with finding out what God wants for you. Here’s a hint: freedom!

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Beneath Batman’s Cape: Finding the Hero in All of Us

What can we learn about God and ourselves from the pages of a comic book, er, uh, “graphic novel” (that’s the polite term used today to describe the “funnies” published by Marvel, DC and similar companies) – is there a spiritual message for us behind the story of, well, for example Batman?

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