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Nominees Most Inspiring Person 2007


Most Inspiring Person of 2007

For seven years Beliefnet has honored extraordinary individuals who have made the world a better place through their amazing accomplishments. This year's candidates are equally remarkable. Here are our nominees for the Most Inspiring Person of the Year.

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Most Inspiring Person of 2007 Nominee: Majora Carter


Most Inspiring Person of 2007 Nominee: Majora Carter

Environmental activist and executive director of Sustainable South Bronx, Majora Carter talks about revitalizing polluted urban areas into healthy spaces that communities can enjoy.

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The Moral Fraud of Peace Activism

Idealism is only good when directed toward good ends. In the case of Rachel Corrie, it was not.

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Four Honored With "Alternative Nobels"

Scientists and activists cited for human rights and environmental efforts

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Gay Pride Festival Has Vatican Up in Arms

Planned July Rome event has stirred debate over church influence and civil rights. Gay activists say they won't back down

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