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No More Mr. Nice Guy: Perfecting the Art of Being Assertive

There’s nothing wrong with being helpful, generous or flexible in life. The problem is when these initially positive traits get taken too far and we start letting people walk all over us. Here are eight ways to help you take control of your live without becoming overly aggressive.

Related Topics: Men, Confidence, Assertiveness


Virgen cae durante una procesión, VIDEO

El Jueves Santo, durante una procesión celebrada en la localidad de San Vicente de Paspeig, Alicante, España; se produjo un accidente que causó gran conmoción entre los presentes:


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Winning Arguments with Respect and Honor

How important is winning? When you feel 100% sure you're right, do you still need to change the mind and heart of someone who thinks you're wrong? Here's sound advice on winning arguments with respect and honor. Find out how to get your point across gently without frustration. Learn how to turn arguments into a respectful conversation where everyone is a winner.

Related Topics: Prayables, Faith, Winning, Arguments

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The Disney Villain in the Flesh

Here is a tribute to the past, current and future projects comparing the original 2D characters to the new human counterparts.

Related Topics: Entertainment, Disney, Disney Villains, Villains, Maleficent, Disney Movies

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Five Calorie Blasting Walking Workouts

Walking is one of the most popular forms of exercise, and for good reason.

Related Topics: Health & Wellness, Walking, Exercise And Weight Loss, Workout, Walk In The Woods, Health Advantage, Health And Well-Being, Walk The Pounds Off


Seven Sayings to Command Your Morning

Do you realize how much power resides in your mouth? In life it is vital that we understand the power of our words.

Related Topics: Commanding, Help, Tips, Happy, Morning


Morning Blessings for a New Day

Blessings play a central role in Judaism.

Related Topics: Jewish, Faith, Hope

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Four Ways to Remember Your Dreams Tonight

If you aren’t remembering your dreams, you aren’t tapping into this rich land of connectivity. There are four simple things you can do to begin remembering your dreams tonight.

Related Topics: Dreams And Visions, Dreams Come True, Dreaming In The Workplace, Dreaming

Depression Busters


The Nice Girl Trap

Have you fallen into the “Nice Girl” trap? Here are tips on how not to be a chronic people pleaser.

Related Topics: Wellnes, People Pleaser, Emotional Health


Seven Keys to a Successful Life

Life is filled with many unexpected adventures. You are ready to embark on a new aspect of your journey and it is more in keeping with what you desired to experience when you decided to do an earthy journey and so get ready to stretch your wings and fly.

Related Topics: Life, Lessons

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