Maureen Pratt
Oh Lord, help me to feel your calming hand upon me when I am in pain...

Related Topics: Healing, Illness, Pain, Suffering, Christian, Ever Loving, Heart, Hand, Calming, Christianity, Faith

Vienna Cobb Anderson
Blessed God, you have created life to begin with childhood, a time of innocence, laughter, and exploration…

Related Topics: Parenting, Physical, Laughter, Unfailing Compassion, Multifaith, Innocence, Life, Global Village, Children’S Milestones, Physical Growth, Holy Spiritual Life, Vision, Childhood

Beliefnet member Laurel_crowned
O Lord, through the passion of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, I beseech Thee to watch over and guide all those who suff ...

Related Topics: Physical, Healing, Illness, Strength & Courage, Chronic Illness, Jesus Christ, Mental Strength, Christian, Situation, Strength, Passion, Christianity, Faith

Beliefnet member anacleo7
God, you sacrificed your son so that we and our children would transcend physical death. We know that you grieved when h ...

Related Topics: Parenting, Comfort, Children, Understanding, Comprehension, Christian, Violence & Disasters, Death, Loss, Christianity, Physical Death, Faith

Vienna Cobb Anderson
Most loving God, she has been severely wounded, hurt beyond words…

Related Topics: Abuse, Christian, Protestant


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