Gyalwa Longchenpa
Assailed by afflictions, we discover Dharma And find the way to liberation. Thank you, evil forces! When sorrows ...

Related Topics: Buddhism, Compassion, Depression, Fear, Gratitude, Illness, Loss, Strength & Courage, Stress, Violence & Disasters, Mind, Evil Forces, Happiness, Peoples Hate, Sorrows, Essential Meaning, Affliction Assailed, Afflictions, Lasting Happiness, Liberation, Faith

Rabbi Rami M. Shapiro
May we discover through pain and torment, the strength to live with grace and humor. May we discover through doubt ...

Related Topics: Healing, Humor, Illness, Strength & Courage, Comfort, Multifaith, Addiction, Pain, Stress, Passage Moments, Doubt, Compassion, Grace May, Divorce, Peace, Gracious Calm, Strength, Depression, Fear, Torment, Death, Loss, Hope, Grace, Meaning

Vienna Cobb Anderson
Eternal Wisdom, source of life and grace, bless all who are seeking…

Related Topics: Multifaith, Work, Guidance, Source, Life, Courage, Hope, Grace, Meaning

Heather Kopp
Dear God, I admit that I have come to both love and hate the word "diet"...

Related Topics: Change, Lord, Plan, Love, Christian, Weight, Path, Failure, Christianity, Hope, Faith

William Cleary
God, Creator of Mystery, in the growing revelation of reality evolving around us, we rise with gratitude into an eve ...

Related Topics: Gratitude, Multifaith, Nature, Meaning, Growing Revelation, Reality, Ups And Downs, Revelation, Innate Energies, Personal Life, World, Paradoxical


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