Father of the fatherless, you give your children a home in which to dwell; and like a loving mother you gather us into y ...

Related Topics: Adoption, Christian, Protestant

George Dawson
Grant unto us, Almighty God, in all time of sore distress, the comfort of the forgiveness of our sins. In time of ...

Related Topics: Christian, Comfort, Depression, Hope, Illness, Strength & Courage, Violence & Disasters, Sore Distress, Courage, Mortal Life, Life, Patient Hope, Hope Grant, Christianity, Faith

Other Faiths
Glorified art Thou, O Lord my God! I beseech Thee by Thy Chosen Ones, and by the Bearers of Thy Trust, and by Him Whom T ...

Related Topics: Comfort, Guidance, Hope, Praise, Other Faiths

Jim & Kaye Johns
May they live in such a way that they'll be blessed. Protect them from keeping company with those who openly sin...

Related Topics: Christian, Daily, Guidance, Morning, Protestant

Akanu Ibaim
O Lord, we beseech thee to deliver us from the fear of the unknown future; from fear of failure; from fear of poverty…

Related Topics: Christian, Fear, Failure, Master Jesus Christ, Unknown, Loving Trust, Bereavement, Pain, Loneliness, Christianity, Faith

Beliefnet member juls0621
Dear Lord, the pain of infertility is so deep. All of our lives, we dream of being mothers, of raising children with lov ...

Related Topics: Christian, Fertility Challenges, Loss, Stress, Infertility, Loving Hearts, Pain, Mothers, Loving, Children, Hearts, Christianity, Faith

O my God, I know that you love me. And I know that you want me to be happy, safe and secure...

Related Topics: Happy, Troubles, Loving Kindness, Secure, Love, Loving, Christian, Finance, God, Christian Prayers, Help, Safe, Christianity, Faith, Grace

Vienna Cobb Anderson
You chose, O loving God, to enter this world quietly, humbly, and as an outcast…

Related Topics: Abuse, Christian, Multifaith, Protestant

Vienna Cobb Anderson
Most loving God, she has been severely wounded, hurt beyond words…

Related Topics: Abuse, Christian, Protestant


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