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Gratitude for Happy Hearts


We thank Thee Lord, for happy hearts, For rain and sunny weather...

Related Topics: Parenting, Happy, Hearts, Christian, Meals, Gratitude, Children’S Prayers, Catholic, Food, Faith


Prayer of Praise at Sundown


O gracious light, pure brightness of the everliving Father in heaven, O Jesus Christ, holy and blessed!…

Related Topics: Bedtime, Christian, Daily, Praise, Light, Father, Holy, Holy Spirit, Pure, Christianity, Faith


Prayer for Spring

-Robert Frost

Oh, give us pleasure in the flowers to-day; And give us not to think so far away As the uncertain harvest; keep us ...

Related Topics: Christian, Gratitude, Multifaith, Nature, Protestant


Bless This Food

-Sirona Knight

Goddess, bless this food you have given me Let it be filled with your divine energy...

Related Topics: Daily, Meals, New Age, Pagan


For a Baby-Naming


Our God and God of our ancestors, sustain this child for her father and mother. Let her be called in Israel…

Related Topics: Parenting, Judaism, Children’S Milestones, Faith, Pregnancy & Birth


Prayer for Peace, Love, and Happiness

-Deepak Chopra

Let me be loved, let me be happy, let me be peaceful. Let my friends be happy, loved, and peaceful...

Related Topics: Happy, Healing, Comfort, Friends, Multifaith, Love, Loneliness, Stress, Peaceful, Compassion, Loved, Peace, Relationships, Depression, Fear


Serenity Prayer

-Reinhold Niebuhr (1892-1971)

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know ...

Related Topics: Addiction, Christian, Comfort, Guidance, Healing, Multifaith, Peace, Protestant, Strength & Courage


Prayer for the Dalai Lama

-Beliefnet member mcguffin

May all sentient beings be healthy and happy. May His Holiness the Dalai Lama have a long life...

Related Topics: Buddhism, Nations & Leaders, Sentient, Sentient Beings, Dalai Lama May, Healthy, Padme Hum, Beings, Tibet, Happy, Tireless Efforts, Life, Faith


A Father's Prayer

-Author Unknown

May God give you the grace of wit and wisdom to understand that rainbows are only the result of showers, dust, and hope. ...

Related Topics: Parenting, Multifaith, Christian, Protestant, Marriage


Prayer for the New Year

-Edgar A. Guest

Grant me the strength from day to day To bear what burdens come my way. Grant me throughout this bright New Year...

Related Topics: Christian, Comfort, Fear, Guidance, Holidays, Protestant, Strength & Courage

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