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In Memory of John Paul II

-Beliefnet member Embracing_Life

May humanity and its leaders, collectively and individually, embrace and practice the mindfulness, love, and compassion ...

Related Topics: John Paul II, Humanity, Enlightenment, Nations & Leaders, Love, Compassion, Pontiff, Leaders, Mindfulness, Buddhism, Embrace, Buddhists, Faith


Firefighter's Prayer

-Author Unknown

When I am called to duty, God, wherever flames may rage, give me strength to save a life...

Related Topics: Catholic, Christian, Guidance, Multifaith, Protection, Protestant, Strength & Courage, Violence & Disasters, Work, Strength, Duty, Life, Property, Family, Faith


Prayer for Lonely People

-Vienna Cobb Anderson

Loving God, there are times in each life when there is no one...

Related Topics: Aging, Christian, Depression, Loneliness, Protestant


Give Us, O Lord, a Steadfast Heart

-Thomas Aquinas

Give us, O Lord, a steadfast heart, which no unworthy affection may drag downwards; give us an unconquered heart...

Related Topics: Catholic, Christian, Comfort, Compassion, Guidance, Strength & Courage, Unconquered Heart, Affection, Faith


Prayer for the Courage to Look Within

-Beliefnet member kuliLinei

May all sentient beings have the courage to look within themselves and see the good and bad that exists in all of us...

Related Topics: Light, Strength & Courage, Loving Kindness, Love, Beings, Buddhism, Courage, Fear, Sentient Beings, Faith, Sentient


My Day Is Ending

-Evelyn Underhill

Lord, You have been with me all through this day, stay with me now...

Related Topics: Lord, Daily, Reality, Christian, Real Peace, Bedtime, Rest, Peace, Silence, Christianity, Faith


Spirit of Light and Love

Spirit of light and love, Creator and Sustainer, God of many names...

Related Topics: Light, Love, Christian, Finance, Loves Embrace, Heart, Financial Foothold, Christian Prayers, Shining Moment, Christianity, Faith


May Everyone Find Peace in God

-Beliefnet member StereotypeBe84

May everyone find peace in God. Let us all embrace the divine...

Related Topics: Multifaith, Compassion, Religion, God, Peace, Embrace, Divine, Fulfillment


September 11th Prayer

-Beliefnet member Ed

Lord, help us to use this tragedy to see beyond our divisions of religion, race, and nationality and to embrace our comm ...

Related Topics: Christian, Hope, Multifaith, Nations & Leaders, Peace, Protestant, Violence & Disasters


Prayer for Creative Work

-Sophy Burnham

O most Glorious and Blessed God, I present myself and this work into Your hands. Do with it as You will. Guide my though ...

Related Topics: Christian, Guidance, Multifaith, Protestant, Work

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