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10410erikablog2After each show, I'm going to briefly share my biggest take-aways from it.  Today, the launch of our show, talking with Susan Diamond gave me lots of insights.  Here are just three:

Willingness - Take risks.  Sure, it can be scary to be "seen" or "heard."  It can feel vulnerable to publicly expose your ideas and your heart, but what happens when we are willing to do so?  Growth happens.  Possibilities emerge.  Community draws closer.  Willingness neutralizes perfectionism, and makes room for learning and laughter.

Limitlessness - We may not always feel limitless, but through prayer we can always access One Who is, Who then empowers us to do more than we originally thought we could.  We can also flex our imagination, put on a super hero's cape, and act as if we are free of limits.  Records are constantly broken, and only by those who dared to believe a particular limit did not apply to them.

Dailiness - Free-spirited people (I am one) are often challenged by routines and strict disciplines, but I'm learning that doing something daily doesn't necessarily lead to monotony.  It also leads to mastery and deep integration of good practices.  

What did you get from listening?




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Today's Spiritual Quote
If angels are entertained unaware, it is because they have tact. end quote
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