Prayer Writing Guidelines

Prayer Writing Guidelines 

1. Length: 100 words – give or take 50!

2. Language: Religiously neutral. That means no direct reference to a specific Higher Power – we do not use names for God associated with a particular belief.  In a Prayable we write as if we are having a conversation directly with God and use the word "You" as in second person singular. In some cases "God" is acceptable, but we rarely allow the phrase. We discourage prayers that rhyme, though there are some exceptions to this also.

3. Words: These are no-no words in a Prayable prayer: The direct God references, such as Jesus, Allah, Almighty, King, Father, Sovereign, Him. We also try to stay away from: resurrection, amen, reincarnation, reign, kingdom, thee, thou, biblical references, flowery words, high-falutin words, clichés, and bland expressions.

4. Tone: Positive, uplifting, witty, edgy, motivational, contemporary and relevant.

5. Content: We are always looking for "not your granny's prayers." We want witty prayers for women (ages 40-65) aimed at speaking to a Higher Power about every-day topics, such as prayers for mothers, relationships, family, menopause, money, work and rest. Keep these questions in mind while your writing your submissions: Would I or could I forward this to someone? Are there references that distract from the greater message?

6. Structure: There is no set way to write a prayer for Prayables, you’ll have your own distinct style. It's really important that someone can say YES! to these questions after reading your prayer:
Does it leave me in a better place for having read it? Have I been comforted or inspired?


Examples of Well-Written Prayers

They're the ones
that I can count on,
sure as the beads
on an abacus.
It is miraculous to me
how You fit them into my life:
the childhood friend,
the college roommate,
the confidante,
the sisters by birth
and by marriage.
Treasures, all...
a profusion much greater
than one woman deserves.
Thank You for the bonds
forged by women's hearts,
for tangible evidence
of Your enduring love.
Knowing You could not
be present in flesh,
You sent me those
who can and are.
Your love
is on my mind this morning.  
You rest right behind my eyes.  
I see You everywhere, 
in little things throughout the day: 
a child's laugh,
the stranger's glance, 
a weary pair of aging hands. 
You rest right behind my eyes.
Your love
is on my mind this morning.
The You in me
sees the You in others.


I am SO hot.
Not hot like Megan Fox hot.
Hot like Bea Arthur in a raging sauna hot.
30 degrees outside, 65 degrees inside.
I sit, in short sleeves, waving a fan
crafted from today's junk mail,
discretely slipping ice
down the front of my shirt.

I see You have a sense of humor.
It is hell getting old.
The heat and inner flames
come right along with it.

Could You help me cope with these
sudden interior flashes of 250 degrees?
I've been cast as the
Wicked Witch of the West,
without any fancy byline.
I am meltiiiiiiing....

I trust You to help me navigate
these hot springs of my life.
Transport me to my next stage,
where I will prosper and grow,
with your guidance and love.
I trust You to get me through.
Yes, this hot flash- 
and all the others- shall pass.


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