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Founder, Publisher and Chief of Pray for 
Publisher of Personal Peace: Prayers for Women of All Faiths
Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Community and Business Leader




 I. Prayables

What is Prayables?

How did the idea of Prayables come about?

How is Prayables different from other prayer communities?

Tell me about the women of Prayables, who visits a multi-faith site?

Tell me about your detractors, you mention in your blogs that you’ve had angry visitors who don’t like the idea of:
multi-faith prayer
online praying
using humor in prayer
advertising prayer

What do you say to those who call you and Prayables heretical?

Do you have any stories where Prayables has made a difference in someone’s life?

You have prayers on your website; “Toilet Talk” a prayer for going to the bathroom and “Fore Pray” a prayer for orgasm – doesn’t that cross the line?

You’ve said in one of your blogs, “sacred doesn’t have to be serious” – what do you mean by that?

What has been you biggest surprise since starting

What’s next for Prayables?


II. Book - Personal Peace: Prayers for Women of All Faiths

What is Personal Peace: Prayers for Women of All Faiths?

What was the inspiration for a multi-faith book of prayers?

How has your own religious practices influenced Personal Peace?

Personal Peace reads like poetry, how is that prayer?

You have prayers about getting fired, not being able to say no and standing in line at a deli counter, aren’t these topics that just don’t mix with prayer?

How do you overcome the fact that different religions have different names for the Creator?

Your new book has just been released, how’s it going?

Where can people buy Personal Peace?


III. Being an Entrepreneur

How did Prayables get started?

Prayables is a movement of spiritual empowerment for women, have you been empowered by your start-up?

What’s a typical day in the life of a Prayer entrepreneur?

How do you find harmony between a demanding business life, your personal life and your spiritual life?

What has been the biggest challenge to starting Prayables?

How has the economy affected your business?

Where do you turn to for business advice?


IV. Susan Diamond

How did you get to this point in your life?

What’s your background, faith, family, and career?

Have there been any mentors in your life or do you mentor others?

What are your personal goals?

Tell me about your own spiritual life.

What’s in your library, what are you reading right now?

Other than family, friends and the usual… what do you count as the blessings in your life?


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Today's Spiritual Quote
Today's Spiritual Quote
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