Worth Laboring For

BY: SusanD


“What do you do?” How often have you waffled, stammered or wilted when you’ve been asked that question? Too often women are embarrassed by their job title, unemployment, or the fact that they don’t "do" what others deem worthy.

It’s Labor Day, a holiday to give praise to all who work, in whatever capacity. I love the statistic showing my worth as a “housewife” with a $125,900 salary! If only…

Labor Day is also a time to celebrate the decline of child labor in countries around the globe. While working children is still a serious problem, we’re seeing a remarkable surge in school attendance, especially among girls in developing countries. Out of the fields and factories, into the classroom is surely a miracle in our time.

Lack of a business card should not stop you from being proud of whatever it is you do to contribute to your world. Let this be the day of labor when you begin to think differently about your work. End the shame of not following traditional paths to employment. Honor yourself, and all people who work.

Oh, and if you’re lucky enough to have it— enjoy the day off! 


Be with me.
Not just in cloisters,
clouds and the parted sea.

Walk with me.
Reassure me that the
road is only unfamiliar
the first time I’m on it.

Speak to me concretely.
Take me past the metaphors
and middle men
and tell me why I doubt.

Reach out Your hand
to lift me back up
with Your grace
and complete me.





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Today's Spiritual Quote
The Bible is an excellent resource book from which to learn about angels. The Old Testament alone refers to angels 108 times. The New Testament, which is much shorter than the Old Testament, nevertheless speaks of angels even more often--165 times. You can't believe in the God revealed in the Bible without believing also in angels. end quote
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