In One Piece

BY: SusanD


Her words were like broken glass, but I am not bleeding.

Have you ever been publicly embarrassed, humiliated and put to shame? Allow me to share a recent experience with you:

My presentation was titled, “Permission to Succeed.”  I shared the importance of giving yourself the okay to do what you were called to do without doubt, fear, or guilt. I highlighted the importance of seizing your blessing when it is presented.  I emphasized the importance of placing ourselves in a position to actually receive the promises of God.

As I approached my seat, a “leader” decided to provide “constructive criticism” right then and there. “Your opening was great but…”

I began to cringe, and my stomach began to knot. She did not bring words that encouraged, empowered and inspired; her voice felt like the enemy that has come to kill, steal and destroy.  How do you respond to a person of stature who uses her tongue as a double-edged sword?

I remember that I am a speaker with a message — inspiring, unscripted, raw, real and effective. Life is too short to worry about what people think about my gift, talent, skills and abilities. I no longer seek perfection.


from the "In One Piece" extended feature!

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Words Do Hurt

If only I could take them back!
But the words flew
out of my thoughtless mouth
like a bullet out of a gun.
I watched it pierce,
the pain welling up in my friend's eyes.
I felt it ricochet through me, too,
gutting me to the heart.
There seems no end to the ways
that words can harm.
I, alone, cannot fix this.

Dear friend, the only friend
my cruelty can never alienate:
I ask You for forgiveness.
I ask You to give me the right words,
words to mend fences,
words to patch wounds,
words to repair what has been broken.
Open my friend's heart
that she might receive my apology.
And slow my tongue in future,
that I might never wound again.






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Today's Spiritual Quote
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