Career Power

BY: Anna McCoy


The wait is over. The walk is over. You’re done spending time examining the past in excruciating detail. You see the future; all of it, and the pull of where you are going is strong. So strong, you don’t dare go anywhere but forward.

Are you restless in your spirit, or dark of soul?
You’re in transition.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, unproductive, and in effective?
You’re in transition.

Are you doing the same thing, in the same way and not making progress?
You’re in transition.

forces you to make decisions. It’s the way you go from here, to there- your future. You’ll be most successful when you know where you are and exactly where you’re going. And, it’s equally important to understand who, or what it is, you’re leaving.

Use a rope, not a rubber band, to get to the future. Hope is the rope that securely pulls you through this stage we call transition. This rope of hope is the stabilizer of your future. You’ll find God is pulling the rope with you. You don’t have to do it by yourself.

Excerpts transcribed from "Career Power – Transition" on WAN Radio.

Anna McCoy is a professional, author, ordained minister and entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in sales, marketing and operations management. She is the Chief Encouragement Officer of Act Now, Inc., a personal development and success training organization and founder of an online and chapter based membership organization dedicated to empowering women to dream, believe, execute and connect with other like-minded women to achieve their goals in the now.

Strength for the Week

As a new week stretches before me,
I look with wonder into
the deep well of emotions
You have given Your children.

I pray that I may withdraw enough compassion
to heal anotherʼs broken heart;
enough peace to quell anotherʼs fear;
enough joy to celebrate anotherʼs victory;
enough strength to share anotherʼs burdens,
and enough faith to light a candle
in anotherʼs darkness.

Thank You for the assurance You have been given us
that our well will never run dry.

- Sharon Sinclair




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Today's Spiritual Quote
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