Sit, Breathe, Say

BY: SusanD

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B. Dave Walters, AKA "Web Monk" is a bit of a guru. Not in the cheesy, obnoxious sales pitch manner or the robe wearing silence way, but in a “knowledgeable-about-lots-of-spiritual-stuff-and-willing-to-share” kind of way.  He’s a life coach, spiritual adviser and National Spirituality Reporter for Web Monk Dave provides practical prayer guidance you can use right now.

“Make time to connect with your Creator every single day, even if it's 30 seconds. It can be so simple as sitting for a moment, taking a few deep breaths, and saying out loud, or to yourself:

Dear God / Allah / Buddha / Universe etc., thank you for my life, my health, my family, and all the other rich blessings I have received.  Please guide me today, and help me to figure out to do about ___________ as I strive to be better and serve better.

Then sit and wait for a response; it may come right then, or later as a flash of insight.  I can tell you for sure, if you ask and look for an answer: you'll find it.”


I clear the space that surrounds us.
I set aside the clutter of my day
so the chaos does not obstruct my view of You.

I clear myself.
I breathe out the weight of my ego
so my heart is opened to you.
I open my eyes.
I find you at my side,
waiting for my frantic mind
to settle finally on You.

We meet,
joining in the sacred ceremony of our routine
in the quiet motions that still my wild heart.
It's time to be in this moment.
I am with You and nowhere else.






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Today's Spiritual Quote
Today's Spiritual Quote
Let's begin by looking at God's creation from a purely spiritual aspect. The earth, as with all planets of the solar system, is surrounded by a Spiritual Hierarchy composed of spiritual beings called angels, archangels, and ascended masters. end quote
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"You Are Becoming a Galactic Human"
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