Visionary Power

BY: SusanD


Crystalize your desires and focus on them regularly. Create a Vision Board, a visual representation of your goals and dreams.

Here are 7 keys to creating your Vision Board.

1. Make sure you have the right supplies
Use a poster board or write it on a wall. Have a glue stick, scissors and photos or pictures handy.

2. Schedule time to create your board
You'll need 2-3 hours to think about and write your vision

3. Create a powerful environment
Surround yourself with things that empower you, favorite music, candles, or incense. Allow your spirit to be settled.

4. Identify your "soul sentence"
Decide on your overall theme for the year. This would be something like; success, movement, change, etc.

5. Determine individual goals
Focus on these four areas to set your goals: health, relationships, finances and time-management.

6. Remember "Forward!"
Get in the rhythm and always be planning the next steps to help push you forward.

7. Look at your board every day
Revisit your vision on a daily basis.

Vision boarding serves as a daily reminder of the power of your own vision. Savor the soul-centered success in all you do.

Excerpt transcribed from "Visionary Power: 7 Keys To Creating A Vision Board, led by WAN's Shonna Stallworth

is an online and chapter based membership organization dedicated to empowering women to dream, believe, execute and connect with other like-minded women to achieve their goals in the now.

Embracing Creativity

Help me to understand the importance
of welcoming creativity into my daily life.
Give me the time I need
to embrace the side of myself
that brings joy and inspiration
into the lives of others.
Your guidance gives me
the strength to go after what I want,
even if it is in small increments
of time each week.
I feel blessed being able to recognize
the power of these moments
and how quickly they change
my perspective about mundane tasks
like mopping the floor
or paying the electric bill.
Each moment is a blessing.






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Today's Spiritual Quote
Today's Spiritual Quote
The angels have the affection and desire to be wise. All their thoughts and affections flow in accordance with divine wisdom. Nothing withdraws them from the divine influx, and nothing external intrudes from other thoughts, as with man. end quote
-Emanuel Swedenborg
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