Poor Economics

BY: SusanD


We give away a lot of money. That’s what good people do. We use our resources to help the neediest people all over the world survive.

This year, congress approved $2.5 billion for poverty-focused development assistance. With the urgency we’re facing in reducing the national debt, it makes sense to take a hard look at whether all of the money we spend to help others is making a difference.

is an economist from MIT who does just that. She evaluates social programs to determine their effectiveness. Giving money to the poor is nothing new. Seeing what happens afterwards is.

“If we don’t know if we are doing any good, we are no better than the mid-evil doctors and their leeches.”

Ester shares her point of view and then gets to work on the question:
“Has aid given in the past made a difference in saving lives or breaking the cycle of poverty?”

More money is not always the answer. How blessed we are to have brilliant people working on complicated social issues. May the day come soon when all of God’s children can support themselves.

After the Wreckage

I am far away today,
removed from devastation
distanced from despair.

Across the world they suffer
and I stare at this computer
thinking of hopelessness.  

My needs are their wants
My wants make me blush with shame. 

May the humility that life brings
show me again, my blessings -  
those ordinary, daily miracles.   

May my every day 
be a walking prayer,
an inaudible sigh 
that swells with thanks
for all that I have,
and brings some peace
for those without.





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