Extreme Wealth in Dollars and Sense

BY: Amanda


Money can't buy happiness. How many of you rolled your eyes while reading that statement? How many of you thought, "Maybe not, but I'd like to try"? A fascinating on-going study recently revealed that the wealthiest people in America aren't happy. Millionaires don't feel financially safe; they want more. Wealthy parents fear their children will be over-privileged, but equally fear being resented for giving away their money. Seems the old adage might be true after all.

It brings up a strange question: What if we aren't meant to be rich? What if human beings simply aren't genetically and psychologically equipped to deal with extreme wealth? Maybe instead of praying to win the lottery, we ought to ask for something new: to find a spiritually correct relationship to money...whether we're billionaires or just plain broke.

Prosperous Soul

Remind me,
when my transmission dies
and the numbers in my checking account
turn red,
that I am blessed—
that this phase of my life
is nothing short of a miracle.

Without financial disaster,
I may not discover my own creative potential.
I may not learn to simplify.
I may not see the love that surrounds me,
the open hearts eager to give.

Without this time of less,
I would not know the value of more,
or recognize the wealth
already within me.

Thank You for natural prosperity—
with You, there is always enough.

"Rich, poor, or somewhere in between,
what is your financial destiny?"




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Today's Spiritual Quote
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