Diary of a Start-Up

BY: SusanD


Everyone loves the idea. The mission is simple: Add more pray to a woman’s day. I have umpteen ways to do it, and just as many ways to make it financially self-sufficient.

December 2009
#1 Catchy Name  #2 Business Plan  #3 Talented Staff  #4 Start-up Money – Check, Check, Check, and Check!

March 2010
Website launches. The Daily Prayable is created. Everybody loves Prayables and the community grows. I figure it’s just a matter of time until we explode.

November 2010
The numbers suck. I followed the advice of many, who say, affiliate advertising networks will bring in the most money. It’s revenue roulette. There must be a more reliable way to fund my mission.

August 2011
A new approach is working for me: lean and mean. I’m operating in a 'mean-ingful' way. Our content is improved and we’re acquiring new subscribers organically. Next steps:

1. Offer paid micro-memberships
2. Publish and sell a killer e-book
3. Find two business sponsors

This start-up is inspiring thousands of women to discover personal peace through prayer. I’m confident investors will soon be knocking at the door to help us become even bigger and better. After all, like Jake and Elwood, we're on a mission from God.

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Susan Diamond is founder of Prayables.com and publisher of .

Breaking it Down

Funny thing is:
I know more than the "experts."
Amazing thing is:
I've got miracles happening as we speak.
Odd thing is:
faith is my version of oxygen.
You could say imaginary things
hold the world together
and separate it at the same time,
like the equator or the lines on the highway.
Call my beliefs imaginary if you will,
but I'll take "pie in the sky" any day
over "life sucks, then you die."





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Today's Spiritual Quote
Today's Spiritual Quote
The stars are the windows of heaven, where the angels peek through. end quote
-Old saying
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