Spiritual Risk Tolerance

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Recently, spirit led business people have been asking me for advice on whether they should get a job. Coming to me?  My reply is, “What will keep you peace-filled?”

Our inner optimist urges, “Keep going,” even when the bank account is not very robust.   Understanding your level of spiritual risk tolerance is a lot like ascertaining your financial risk tolerance.  Low-risk investors buy certificates of deposit.  Medium-risk investors buy mutual funds.  High-risk investors buy stocks.  

Are you evaluating your risk tolerance through a spiritual lens?  Here is one example:

If you believe in just in time financial spirituality, you act!  This is believing that God’s provision arrives just as it is needed, in just the right amount, just in time. You act without requiring all of the practical elements.  Is this a high tolerance for risk, a high level of faith, or both?

Here is my sage advice:

Know how far you are willing to go on faith.
Be there with conviction.
Accept God in everything and every choice.
Do whatever you have to do to continue living, inspired, within your peace.  
Understand that this may include getting a job.

Success is your sacred right!

from the extended feature.

Mercedes Warrick is The Intuitive CEO® at The Achievement Sanctuary® and author of The Soul Inspired Tune Up®.  She assists people to release, align, energize and elevate  their inner beliefs with their outer lives and this includes their work!  Her website is or .

© 2011 Mercedes Warrick. All Rights Reserved. Reprinted with permission.

Holding Pattern

When it seems like you're
up in the air with nowhere to land, hold on.  
There's a clearing in the distance.

When the past comes knocking
and tries to bring you down,
hold your head up.
There's a new day on the horizon.

When the future seems uncertain
and you can't find a way,
hold your heart steady.
There are better times ahead.
When everyone else lets you down
and you feel torn up,
hold onto the promise.
There's One who will never let you fall.

When your heart's desire
seems like a fool's notion,
hold onto your dream
There's a miracle in the making.





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