BY: Susan Diamond


It was a fun-size Nestles Crunch bar. I remember it like it was yesterday, but it happened over thirty years ago.  I was a young mom, driving with my one-year-old son, who was in the back strapped in his car seat. Next to me on the passenger seat was his birthday party goodie bag.

I knew there was chocolate inside and I had to have it— without sharing. I drove while eating and hiding the candy in my hand. My son never did catch on. I knew it was wrong to take candy from a baby, I couldn’t help myself— I had a chocolate addiction.

I let my eating habits get in the way of good parenting. I took my desperate behavior has a sign from above; it’s time to quit.  From that moment on, I never had another morsel of anything chocolate.

It’s serves me well, this quirky combination of paying attention to signs and doing something about it.  I have a greater connection to my Higher Power and I enjoy good health.  Despite my early parenting gaffes, my son has grown-up into a good person, and I have now learned to share.

What's in it for Me?

This whole experience
I'm growing through,
Your message I've received!
I must give more to those
I care for and love.

As a parent,
guide me to be more reassuring—
praising, giving hugs and kisses,
every day saying, "I love you."

As a wife,
let me be his refuge,
a partner that esteems
in moments of uncertainty.  

As a daughter,
remind me more often
to talk to my parents—
not just when I should,
but because I want to hear their voices.

As a friend,
move me to do unexpected acts of kindness,
demonstrating how much I care.

As a co-worker,
inspire me to smile,  
greeting everyone I pass today,
reaching out to the quiet one
who eats alone.

What's in it for me?
Your love flowing through me
can change my world.

-Heidi Haller




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