Overcoming Obstacles: Prayer for Rose Marie

BY: Amanda

rosemarieRecently the team has been discussing a new way to reach out to our community, by making the prayer request feature of Prayables more prominent. We are in the process of making a prayer request forum to add to the . This will make it easier for everyone to share their prayer needs, and to pray for others. This is great, and I'm looking forward to the new forum, but in some cases it may not be enough for some people who really need their story shared; for those who need the power of prayer.

In comes this new feature of the site: Healing Hearts. This blog is in place for those prayer requests who need a little extra prayer power for their stories. This is for those whose stories need to resonate throughout our community and across the Internet; a story like Rose Marie's. 

About two weeks back, one of our Pray Makers, , reached out to a woman in our community named Rose Marie who had shared her story on the prayer :

"I cannot tell you how much these Prays have helped me. I have never needed Prayer more then now. I am a handicapped widow taking care of our 17 yr. old son and it has not been easy for the past four years. I have had money stolen from me and I barely make ends meet. I just want to be able to move from a place at which a brother I met it church 3 years ago is trying to extort money from me if I do not sign an agreement to give him quite a bit of money when my case settles that left me handicapped. If I do not sign it I have it in writing that he will evict my son and I knowing I have no money to move. I prayed on it and it is now in the hands of the law."

Her short comment hit Ruth so strongly, she went the extra mile most people wont; Ruth picked up the phone and called Rose Marie. Ruth listened, really listened, to this woman's story. Through simple communication we can make the world of difference to strangers, and Ruth did this.

I followed Ruth's example and gave Rose Marie a call of my own for Healing Hearts. After the call I was left completely speechless. She is a strong woman who has been through childhood abuse and molestation, and the early death of her mother at the age of 16. She moved on with her life, went to college, started a family, and gave so much to those around her. She even worked with the mentally handicapped. Rose Marie's happiness was cut short when she suffered more hardships in the form of a horrible car accident in 2007. This accident left her disabled, scarring her with permanent mobility issues and memory loss. After this hard enough ordeal, she suffered another blow: her husband passed away. Since then she has been swindled by trusted friends and sadly, even her own children.

Currently, Rose Marie is fighting a monetary legal battle with her landlord and once friend. She needs to move out of her residence, but doesn't have the funds due to the astronomical rent she was charged and the blatant stealing from her family.

Rose Marie's story spoke to our staff and thus inspired us to move faster in this prayer request feature. Thank you Ruth for being a true PrayPal and wonderful person, and thank you Rose Marie for bravely sharing your story. 

Rose Marie, we pray for your health and your family. May those who have hurt you find themselves in God and turn from their disheartening ways. May you and those you love find peace. The Prayables community is here for you in thought and prayer. 

Many Blessings.


I am so tired.
Help me to get past my thoughts of 
"What else can happen?"

It seems like every time I turn around,
the telephone rings with unwanted news.
Or, someone on the job is making demands,
and it's something I can't deliver.
I feel the best I can do, is get by.

Yet it's not all about 
just going through the motions.
I know, through You,
I always find a better way.
With exhaustion—I honor You.
With anxiety—I adore You.
With stress—I praise You
I am refreshed.




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