Daily Inspiration: Woman of Favor

Shara can be anything she wants to be. When she was born, God took one look at her and blessed her with more. More beauty, more brains, and more heart. Her parents gave her more too. While Shara was growing up she had more money, more education, and more experiences than other young girls her age. What does a woman of favor do with all her advantages? 

She sews.  Three generations removed from her great-grandfather who was a poor tailor in Russia, Shara takes in clothing from her neighbors and mends them.  She bought herself a used sewing machine for a hundred bucks and started a home business to bring in a little extra household income.

Wellesley College doesn’t turn out many PhD’s like Shara. Her classmates are global leaders in business, public service and philanthropy. Shara chose to do none of those things. She’s a wife first, mother second, devoted daughter, friend and neighbor. Oh yes, she’s a seamstress on the side.

Most folks don’t understand what makes Shara tick. She was a huge disappointment at her high school reunion.  Back in 1987, when she was voted “Most Likely to Succeed, ” the goals were a bit loftier than being a stay-at-home Mom.

The brilliant, beautiful, and well-educated Shara, does have ambitions. She has a drive for success that is contained within her personal circle. Her burning desire is to be kind and useful to the people around her. That’s what the “woman who has it all” does with it— She gives it away.

Prayer for Purpose

Generous God,
Give me ways to live my true purpose.
I long to be useful,
I strive to be kind.
May the ones I touch
feel better, do more,
and praise You; reason for being.
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Today's Spiritual Quote
Today's Spiritual Quote
We pray, alone or with others, for many reasons. Most of our reasons have angelic counterparts. The more we can pray not only with the angels but like the angels, the more we understand who we really are and the better we can heal our lives, because we will be in closer contact with the One who is our healer. end quote
-Eileen Elias Freeman,
“Angelic Healing”
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