Daily Inspiration: Underneath it All

Granny panties. Yep, I’ve said it! Great big white knickers that cover your fanny, rise up to meet your breasts and are so blindingly white you need sunglasses when looking at ‘em. White cotton underwear is yesterday’s news, but for the woman who chooses comfort over style, she’ll defend her choice against the protests of others who prefer bikinis, French cut, boy shorts, or thongs.

On a recent weekend, one proud granny panty-wearing woman provided the entertainment for her girlfriends at a bachelorette party. She didn’t need to hire a hunky male stripper. The highlight of the celebration was when the creative and confident gal gave a gift of lingerie that came in a small package and held something large inside: A three-pack of Hanes cotton briefs.

Gasps, then hysteria followed and all other wispy undergarments were forgotten. One guest after another shared stories about underpants. Female bonding never felt so good. Getting personal and talking about tushies has its time and place. This was clearly the appropriate occasion.

It doesn’t matter what it takes to loosen up the stuffiness that usually stays secret. Getting others to open up can start with a great big pair of panties, or the tiniest confidence. The purpose is to make honest people to people connections.

Anybody will tell you, it’s not what you wear on the outside (or inside) that counts. When you’re confident enough to expose the unique qualities that define your character, you become a blessing to others.

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Today's Spiritual Quote
Today's Spiritual Quote
The angels have the affection and desire to be wise. All their thoughts and affections flow in accordance with divine wisdom. Nothing withdraws them from the divine influx, and nothing external intrudes from other thoughts, as with man. end quote
-Emanuel Swedenborg
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