Daily Inspiration: Tickle Your Funny Bone

The scene is heaven, two angels are at the pearly gates, pre-screening the recently deceased for admission to heaven. The first one in line is a guy who pushed and shoved his way to the front. He’s rude, insulting, and sarcastic. One angel asks a few questions: Are you a church-goer? Are you generous in your charitable giving? Have you been kind to family, friends, and strangers? He answers no to all three questions.

The next angel takes a turn and asks the man what he does for a profession. The man answers, he’s a comedian—he makes people laugh.  The angels welcome him to heaven.

Laughter is essential to the well being of mankind. It lifts up the fallen, mends a broken heart, and comforts the lonely.  Humor is an amazing tool. It can diffuse a tense situation and bring about reconciliation.

Benay was depressed.  She was struggling with a weight problem, wallowing in self-pity, and lacked the energy for a productive lifestyle. She watched soap operas during the day, television news in the evening, and loved to read novels about characters with fatal diseases, kidnapped children, and other topics that fueled the pity train.

One day she got some very good advice: Change the channel to Comedy Central. Go to the library and read a book by Fannie Flagg. It was as if a light bulb went off – yes the kind you’d find in a comic strip! Benay made a simple decision; she was going to laugh.

After hearing many corny jokes, dozens of stand-up routines, and after reading “Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café,” Benay beat the blues.  She turned her life around with laughter, and she’s never looked back.

Some people have a talent for being funny. Other people have a talent to appreciate it. But all people need to laugh, chuckle, snort, or guffaw. God gave you a funny bone; make sure it gets tickled as often as possible.
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Today's Spiritual Quote
Today's Spiritual Quote
Michael is an angel of repentance, righteousness, mercy, and sanctification. In Jewish tradition he is also classified as one of the seven archangels-sometimes said to be the chief archangel-and one of the four angels stationed at the sides of the throne of God. end quote
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