Daily Inspiration: The Happy Wife

She’s happy with her life, but she’s just not happy being his wife. And that’s the problem she faced. After thirty-one years of marriage, she wanted out.

Annie and Todd got married for all the usual reasons; love, companionship, lifestyle. They made a home, raised a family and now are growing old(er) together. While Annie doesn’t doubt the choice she made so long ago, she was “over” Todd and thought there just might be something, or someone better out there. 

That was her first mistake. Dumping a husband to trade-up rarely works. The first few months were fun. Annie got an apartment in the city, and set up her new nest just the way she liked it. She bought new clothes and found a stylist who gave her a sassy new ‘do.  She joined a nearby church, an online dating site, and signed up for Salsa lessons. 

After about six months it got old. She ran through most of the local losers, and began to miss Todd. Apparently he was a hot commodity on the over fifty singles scene, and his popularity helped her to see him in a new light. Annie spent a lot of time in prayer, working her way through her confusing emotions. She saw that selfishness and greed caused her to undeservedly hurt her husband.  

Her introspection helped her realize how wrong she was when she thought she was happy with her life, just not being Todd’s wife. So she made a vow to create her own happiness and to never again use anyone else as an excuse. By accelerating her prayer time, she was able to move from a place of discontent to contentment.

Todd took her back and they were both better for the separation—not that Annie would recommend it as marriage enhancer. But she does suggest; for anyone looking for a better relationship, look no further than within.  A marriage commitment is made with God’s blessing, and He intended for the blessing to last a lifetime. 
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Daily Inspiration: Helping Him Cry
Daily Inspiration: Helping Him Cry

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Today's Spiritual Quote
Today's Spiritual Quote
We cannot part with our friends. We cannot let our angels go. We do not see that they only go out. That archangels may come in. end quote
-Ralph Waldo Emerson
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