Daily Inspiration: Simple Miracle

She was a fly on the wall. Kelli was there and watched it happen even though she had no part in the miracle.  

It was Tuesday at 1:10 p.m. Kelli was the “designated driver” for Uncle Ed. The ex-marine is a feisty old S.O.B., who lost his driver’s license and his independence due to failing eyesight. He never got over it. He’s bitter and mean, Ed has always been that way; he never was a nice guy to start with.

On this particular day Kelli drove Ed to see a new doctor. She’s been to doctor appointments before with Uncle Ed, she knows to sit quietly and take notes if needed. She wasn’t even introduced when Dr. Shapiro entered the room.

Ed began the visit by complaining about his symptoms in his usual challenging manner.  The doctor’s response was so unexpected, so out of the ordinary from anything Kelli’s Uncle Ed has ever encountered in the past, that Kelli put down her pen and simply took it all in.

Dr. Shapiro listened. He took Ed seriously. He didn’t patronize him or throw out casual comments about his old age. In fact there was nothing casual about Dr. Shapiro at all. He was intense. He asked good, relevant questions. He encouraged Ed to tell him more about his history. He spoke to Ed directly with interest, patience, and compassion.

That’s something that Ed rarely encounters these days. He gets a lot of attitude from everyone he meets, family included. But Dr. Shapiro treated him as an equal, and showed respect for him as a person, even though he’s old.

It’s a simple miracle to be sure. Yet Kelli felt God’s presence in the examining room and it was confirmed when they left the office together. Uncle Ed turned to Kelli and said, “Dr. Shapiro is a good doctor.” His eyes were moist, he was crying.

Her crusty, crabby, and infinitely irritating Uncle Ed, was touched by a stranger and Kelli was there to witness it. God spoke that day. He said to Ed: You are cared for. He said to Kelli: Be a better caregiver.  Dr. Shapiro probably doesn’t realize it, but Kelli is sure God spoke to him too: Nice job, Doc – keep up the good work.
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