Daily Inspiration: Money Makeover

She dashed in for a second to pick up a gallon of milk and tampons. Darlene threw in a Twix bar while she was waiting for the cashier. When her turn came she quickly swiped her debit card. She was in a hurry; her son was waiting in the car and the motor was running.

“Sorry mam, your card is not going through.” She felt a pit in her stomach, though she wasn’t surprised.  “Try this one” she responded. “No, that one’s not taking either.” Darlene had two credit cards left to offer. It wasn’t a big amount maybe she’d get lucky. No go. The line was forming behind her, the cashier called on the loudspeaker for back-up help.

Finally she dug around in her purse and found enough cash to pay for only the tampons. When Darlene got back in the car she told her son all the milk all had short freshness codes.

When finances get out of control, how do you stop the crazy cycle and find fiscal sanity? Darlene went home that night and did a deep dive into the prayer pool. She was ashamed of how easy it was for her to lie to her son. She was disappointed in herself for not being able to provide for her family. And she was angry with her ex-husband for not being around to help her.

Soon after, she made a momentous decision; a sense of peace came over her. Darlene called her sister and told her yes. Yes, she would give up her house. Yes, she would give up her car. Yes, she would transfer her son to a new school. She would accept her sister's generosity and move in with her while she fixed her financial situation.

There’s a happy ending to Darlene’s story. She’s now financially independent and better than ever. After a difficult adjustment period, Darlene found she was able to get as much pleasure out of saving as she did from spending. She learned to live within her means and to adjust her expectations.

Oddly enough, financial security and spiritual security are very much related. Both rely on partnerships. Going it alone rarely works. Darlene draws upon an inner strength, a divine strength, and the strength of family to live her life right. Thanks go to God for inspiring good choices that lead to security, independence, and  purposeful living.
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Today's Spiritual Quote
The angels carry our prayers to God. They do not want us praying to them but to the Great Creator. end quote
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