Daily Inspiration: Miracle in Our Time

The hungriest people in the world are farmers. Growing food is what they do, but they don’t have enough of it to feed themselves and their families. How do you explain it? 

These poorest of the poor live in isolated areas cut off from the know-how they need to farm efficiently. They don’t have the most basic tools of the trade. No seeds, fertilizer, or training. Even when they get a little extra yield from their crops, it’s wasted because they can’t get to a marketplace.

The result is disastrous. Hard-working farm families are always caught short for a few months every year before their next harvest comes in. Children become sick and die. School fees go unpaid and education stops. The vicious circle of extreme poverty remains unbroken. 

Until Now. For hundreds of thousands of families, they have found a way to end hunger. It’s nothing short of a miracle in our time. 

There’s a new book called “The Last Hunger Season.” It’s an awe-inspiring read that takes you on the journey of four families who enroll in a program offered by the One Acre Fund. They change their harvest and they change their lives.  Take the journey with them. Read the book, understand their plight, and become inspired by the faith you’ll find in their struggle. It’s a gracious God who moves man to help his brother. Honor Him by opening your eyes and heart to “The Last Hunger Season.” 

Prayer For An End to Hunger

Blessings on those who go hungry.
On their behalf, I ask you 
raise awareness across the nations
that all of Your children are not satiated.
Move man to greater compassion 
and action for the sake of his fellow man.
God, just as you 
have filled my plate with abundance
do the same for those who go hungry.

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Today's Spiritual Quote
Today's Spiritual Quote
We pray, alone or with others, for many reasons. Most of our reasons have angelic counterparts. The more we can pray not only with the angels but like the angels, the more we understand who we really are and the better we can heal our lives, because we will be in closer contact with the One who is our healer. end quote
-Eileen Elias Freeman,
“Angelic Healing”
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