Daily Inspiration: Looking for It

It was Sunfest in South Florida. Carmen was standing in a sea of people. She was studying the crowd. First she looked up at the screen and took in the mass of humanity all at once. Next she looked to her right; a mostly naked girl in a bikini top, short shorts, and cowboy boots. With a glance to her left, she saw a twenty-something guy, wearing his shirt tied around his waist. Between his fingers was a hand-rolled cigarette with a very sweet smell.  She didn’t see what she was looking for.

The headliner sings of God and redemption. Her fellow concert go-ers appeared un-Godly and un-redeemed. She was looking for evidence that people who identify with the music of a religious man, live with religious values. For Carmen it includes modesty in dress, and abstaining from drugs. Yet she knows that appearances don’t tell the whole story. When it comes to God, it’s likely the girl with the bikini top and the guy smoking pot feel the same way she does.

Trends in religion change with the times we live in. Prayers once said only in Latin, or ancient Hebrew are now translated in a contemporary language. Female clergy is commonplace, and the collection plate now takes your credit card.

There is one religious constant from the beginning of time, to forever in the future. The one element always present is a love for God. It doesn't matter what you wear or don't wear. You can smoke pot or not. The so-called sinners and saints both love God.

Carmen enjoyed the show. The band and its lead singer stirred her soul. The people around her caused her to think deeply about each individual’s right to free expression. She didn’t have to look further after all; God was present at Sunfest.

 Prayer for the Sinners & the Saints

You are loved.
Sinners and saints
have the same heart
for Your goodness, Your greatness,
and Your always present love for us.

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Today's Spiritual Quote
Today's Spiritual Quote
One of the main messages angels have for us: Life is really not serious, and humor and levity equal creativity. Life can be beautiful, like the colors of Heaven. Humans need to incorporate celestial play and joy into their lives." end quote
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"Messengers of Light"
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