Daily Inspiration: Finding God in Memories

It was quietly one of the best days of her life.  Nan was with her two sisters enjoying it in a simple way.  They were cleaning out old boxes of family keepsakes. Laughing, crying, and appreciating the sanctity of family.

Memories are made when you least expect it. Sometime later you can look back upon a seemingly insignificant event and realize it’s now a fond memory. That's what happened to Nan and her sisters recently.

While they were tossing stained linens, polishing tarnished silver, and leafing through photo albums (the kind with sticky corners) the girls didn't think about magical moments. They were just working hard and having fun. After the job was done, they stopped by their great-aunt’s house for a quick visit. It was there God spoke to Nan: When you think of this day, think of Me.

The Lord God is in family.  The bond of sisterhood, the respect of an aged relative, and the familial love, all come directly from God. It’s His gift to you, wrapped up in memories.

Prayer to Find God

Dear God,
I go to You this day and I seek Your guidance.
I no longer want to think alone.
Touch my mind with Your genius.
Show me the way where to my own human mind I see no way.
Help me to see the bigger picture beyond my little thoughts.
I ask, I seek, I think,
and I will comprehend Your way.
Thank You God for showing me the way.

~Christopher Ian Chenoweth

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