Daily Inspiration: Family Harmony

It isn’t that Ronald hates his sister; he just doesn’t like her. Karen knows it; she’s hurt and prays for the day when their relationship will be better.

Their mother died, following a yearlong struggle with breast cancer. The two siblings spent a lot of time in each others company that year. Doctor visits, hospitals and in the end, hospice. Still, spending time together, and rallying around their mother did nothing to make them closer. Her quirky personality annoyed him even more.

Ronald was at home one Sunday watching his sons' bickering turn to a full-on fistfight. Seeing his precious children ripping on one another sent a message that hit him right between the eyes. He thought about his mother and he knew to honor her memory, he needed to change. He had a moment of brilliant revelation. “I will treat my sister the way I want my own kids to treat each other.

Who doesn’t want their children to get along? Family harmony is a universal value. It’s the Godly way. To overcome dislike for your sibling you need to start with understanding. Recognize that she’s unique. Accept your sibling for who she is, faults and all. Know that she too, began with a spark from God, made in His image.

Prayer for Brotherly Love

Father Above,
I know I cannot teach my children
values unless I live them myself.
Support me while I build family harmony
one kindness at a time.
May Your example inspire me
to righteous acts of brotherly love.

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Today's Spiritual Quote
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-St. Athanasius
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