Daily Inspiration: Love is a Many Other Thing

In 2009 Marilyn experienced some life changing events that rocked her world. Her 56 year-old mother adopted a baby boy. Everyone in the family was ecstatic and in Marilyn’s words; "[We] felt the blessing of this wonderful baby.”

Shortly after the final adoption papers came through, Marilyn’s mom suffered a life-changing stroke. She was unable to care for herself or the baby. Marilyn took over both childcare and eldercare while raising two teen-age sons and working full time.

Marilyn will tell you with a chuckle, she thought she was finally at a point where she could take it a little easier. God had other plans: eighteen more years of bringing up baby. Life gets messy sometimes. Marilyn finds herself wrestling with the legal system, health care providers, and social service agencies.  She gets help from a great group called Grandparents as Parents. Though it doesn’t accurately describe her situation, the resources she receives are invaluable.

Blessings come bundled sometimes. Rarely does God give joy in one neat little package. You need to peel back the layers and appreciate what’s at its core: faith. When you believe deeply that God’s gifts are always a blessing, you are able to recognize joy more quickly. For Marilyn, with the help of family, friends and community, her faith provides a critical need in her expanded role.

There are so many caregivers in need of support. Raise them up in your prayers, and extend a helping hand. You too can be the bundler of blessings.

 Unseen Blessings Prayer

God of Blessings,
Revive the faith of those faced with challenge.
It is You who provides courage and determination.
Help your children recognize
the joy in unseen blessings.

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Today's Spiritual Quote
Today's Spiritual Quote
The angels have the affection and desire to be wise. All their thoughts and affections flow in accordance with divine wisdom. Nothing withdraws them from the divine influx, and nothing external intrudes from other thoughts, as with man. end quote
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