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There are plenty of ways to deal with a mid-life crisis. Meredith bought a red sports car, Ilene went to a med spa, and Helen got inked. Self-indulgent, or just plain wacky; who’s to judge?  There’s a story behind everyone’s story and God knows you can’t judge a book by its cover.

Helen’s mid-life crisis came late.  She was 75 years old and feeling her age.  It came to her one day that she should do something different. So she got a tattoo. Not one of the tramp-stamp varieties tucked away indecently where the world shouldn’t be watching. Helen’s first tattoo is where all the world could see it; it's a tribute to her late husband. One tattoo led to others and she is now a canvas of body art, displaying symbols and pictures that all have special meaning to her.  Her story said: I can defy stereotypes.

Ilene made regular trips to a med spa for Botox injections and other anti-aging treatments. She longed to have the outer Ilene match the inner Ilene. She had a big gap to cover. Her outer had about fifteen years over her inner which still felt 40.  Ilene’s story said: Give me an even playing field and I’ll make it a great game!

Felice took a familiar route to the quest for eternal youth.  With her purchase of a new Mazda Miata, she brought “bold and sassy” into her life. Eliminating the mini-van from her garage was a life-affirming statement that let her live her story: I’m in the driver’s seat, the top is down and my cute bob is flying free in the wind.  Don’t mess with me – I’m having a great time!

The decisions you make that strictly involve you, are only one step in the process. What happens next and how you interact with the world at large is truly the story. Helen’s experience is probably the best example.  She found a new connection to young people she never had before.  She’ll be walking down the street and get thumbs up from folks who never would have noticed her before.

Though you can’t judge a book by its cover, it doesn’t hurt to make your cover a statement of your values, your faith, or your character.  Go ahead, buck convention and write your story.

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