All I Need by Brian Courtney Wilson

Smooth sounds make great jazz and great Christian praise music. "All I Need" by Brian Courtney Wilson is a prayerful music video that asks the Lord for His touch. Mistakes and sin are washed away and redemption is yours. Pray with Brian by singing the lyrics with your voice and reaching out to the Lord with your soul. 


All I Need Lyrics - Brian Courtney Wilson 

Soloist: Umm, umm - real simple prayer
All I need - is a touch from you
No one else can do the things you do
Take the wrong in my life and make it right
Soloist: Forgiven me
Soloist: All I need Lord Jesus
All I need is a touch from you
Soloist: From my Master and King
All I need is a touch from you_____
Soloist: Oh God, Oh God

Soloist: Lord I'm standing in the need of prayer
When I call - Lord I know you're there
Reach your hand down from heaven__
And pull me through____
Is all, I need is a single touch a touch from the Master, Oh God
All, all I've ever needed is a touch, is a touch from you

Chorus: If you touch me Soloist: Hey__Hey
I'll change - my lose to win
If you touch me Soloist: I will not lose, I'll win, I'll win
I shall live again Soloist: And live again, New Life I will
Take the wrong and make it right Soloist: You'll take the wrong - and make it alright - you're make it alright
All I need is a touch from you Soloist: You won't forsake me
Soloist: You'll touch me Jesus and hold on
All I need is a touch__ Soloist: that's what I need, that's what I need

Soloist: That's why I need your touch today
Chorus: Touch me
Touch me
Touch me
All I need is a touch (Repeat 5xs)

1. Your unchanging hand
2. That will - not waiver
3. Even when I'm worried
4. Weary and worn out and filled with doubt about tomorrow

1. Cause I felt this pain yesterday
2. Cause I made so many mistakes - you see I stumbled and fell
3. And I did not think I could not be made over
4. Cleaned up

1. But some how I believe today
2. That if you put your healing hand on me
3. Every one of my sins, every one of my sins
4. Will be washed away

1. I want to be made over
2. I want to be made over
3. Everything I ever needed healing, peace, joy
4. Unspeakable joy

1. Till you touch me Lord Jesus
2. Till you hear me Lord Jesus
3. Till I shine in the light of your glory one more time
4. I will, I will, I will

Chorus: All I all I need Soloist: All I ever needed
Chorus: Is a touch from you Soloist: Even me, even a wretch like me

Chorus: All I all I need Soloist: All I need, all I need
Chorus: Is a touch from you Soloist: All I need - don't be afraid, don't be afraid, join me at the Alter, God is here, God is here, love is here.

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