Flash Requirements

  • Flash files must be coded properly for proper click and impression tracking on DART, our ad serving technology tool.
  • All Flash files must be submitted as a .SWF file with accompanying back up gif/jpg for display to users who do not accept Flash.
  • A click thru URL must also be supplied for each .SWF ad unit.

Below are detailed instructions for .SWF file coding for DART AD Serving:
  1. Create an invisible button over the area that you want 'active/clickable' to users.
  2. On that invisible button, put the following action:
    on (release) {getURL(clickTag, "_blank");
  3. Export the swf and test by opening the swf and clicking on the intended 'active' area. If a new browser or Explorer window opens upon click, the ad has been coded correctly for DART tracking. The ad must spawn a new browser window.


Please Note: Do not enter in destination URL, the embedded "click tag" will allow us to include the click thru URL when trafficked.