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Intelligent Design Takes Center Stage

In the past, schools were urged to teach creationism or 'teach the controversy.' Now, intelligent design is the new war cry.

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Moods Matter

The science of brain-immune communications bridges clinical medicine and the intangible but essential input of emotion

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GOD particle vs. GOD principle

Though scientific discoveries like the Higg’s Boson aka ‘God particle’ are an honest attempt to know the origin of universe, there have been other attempts and approaches to know the truth. If “India is like a historic father of the Higg’s Boson project” according to Paolo Giubellino the spokesperson of CERN, the search for the absolute truth had a wiser ancestor in ancient India. It is already known to scholars that 'Truth' has been a favourite subject of research for ‘Truth-seekers' in India for thousands of years. But ‘Truth’ according to them wasn’t about any particle of God in the realm of cause-and-effect, but a discovery of God principle. Where does the ancient Indian discovery trail take us?

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Orange Float


Summer Sips for Kids

Get your kid's creative juices flowing in the kitchen and encourage them to become mix-masters of healthy summer drinks. They’ll keep boredom at bay – and learn a little kitchen science and math along the way.

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Woman's feet next to metal scale


Weird Weight-Loss Tricks That Really Work

We all know that the best way to lose weight is to focus on healthy eating and exercise. But if you’re bored with usual advice and are looking to try something new, here are five strange weight-loss tricks that are science-based. Take a look—some might work for you!

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