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GOD particle vs. GOD principle

Though scientific discoveries like the Higg’s Boson aka ‘God particle’ are an honest attempt to know the origin of universe, there have been other attempts and approaches to know the truth. If “India is like a historic father of the Higg’s Boson project” according to Paolo Giubellino the spokesperson of CERN, the search for the absolute truth had a wiser ancestor in ancient India. It is already known to scholars that 'Truth' has been a favourite subject of research for ‘Truth-seekers' in India for thousands of years. But ‘Truth’ according to them wasn’t about any particle of God in the realm of cause-and-effect, but a discovery of God principle. Where does the ancient Indian discovery trail take us?

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5 Effective Tips to Teach Kids to Be Grateful

Being grateful is an important skill for children. It can be taught by parents and teachers who make it a priority, say authors Jeffrey J. Froh and Giacomo Bono in their book "Making Grateful Kids: The Science of Building Character."

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Hare Krishnas Weigh in on Evolution Debate

A 'a non-Christian, minority religious organization' says a court's decision 'is hostile to religion.'

Related Topics: Faiths, Hinduism, Religion, Evolution, Trial Courts, Metaphysical Assumptions, Science, School Board, School, Scientific Work, Reasonable Observer, Court


10 Surprising Ways Pets Can Help You

Animal lovers cannot resist them—those wiggly, wagging, furballs we call pets—but medical science tells us there are actually health benefits associated with having a favorite animal (or two) in your life. Some of these health benefits may surprise you!

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Is Michael Guillen a Flake?

Was the doctor who offered to check out the Raelian cloning claim attacked because of his personal beliefs?

Related Topics: Science, Michael Guillen, Lian Sexpot Scientist, Cloning Services Company, Orgiastic Initiation Rituals, Guillen, Religion, Craving, Plans Critics, News, Currents Listing

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