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xtock computer Israel


Israeli Innovations Lead the World in Technology

Israel is continually on the cutting edge of technology, and in the world of medical science.

Related Topics: Faith, Technologies, Tech Gospel, Judiaism, Israel



Can a serious scientist also be a devout Christian?

Throughout the centuries, some of the greatest thinkers have shared one thing – their deep faith in the Almighty Creator of the Universe.

Related Topics: Scientist, Faith, Christian, Love And Family, Isaac Newton, Blaise Pascal, Galileo, Believer



7 Qualities Every Strong Woman Wants in Her Man

It’s definitely not rocket science, keep reading to find out the seven qualities every strong woman wants in her man.

Related Topics: Love And Family, Dating Advice, Qualities

creation, evolution, debate


A Compelling Case for God’s Existence

One detective found that we have a creator who commands the order of the universe, and science is proving that the galaxy is too complicated to not have a designer.

Related Topics: Faith, Science, Books


Who's Who in the Science and Religion Debate

Is the acceptance of evolutionary theory essential to the credibility of religious belief?

Related Topics: Religion Debate, Evolutionary Theory, Science, Religious Belief, Scientists, Evolutionary Theory Essential, Credibility, Theology, Regular Thumbnail Sketches, Evolutionary, News

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