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Deepak Chopra: Science, Nature, Brain, and God


Deepak Chopra: Science, Nature, Brain, and God

What is science? If we're the expression of a bigger intelligence, then isn't science God trying to understand God? What do you think?

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Is Religion 'Built Upon Lies'?

Best-selling atheist Sam Harris and pro-religion blogger Andrew Sullivan debate God, faith, and fundamentalism.

Related Topics: Faiths, Science, Secular Philosophies, Reason, Religious, Mind, Religious Moderates, Religion, God, Human, Truth, Faith

God and Science


God and Science: What Do Scientists Believe?

God is not found in laboratories however religion still plays an important role in the scientific community. Here are some of the scientists who've proved the connection of religion and science.

Related Topics: God And Science, Evidence Of God, Evidence For God, Do Scientist Believe In God, Faith, Prayables



Science and Bible Facts

Science and bible aren't two words that easily roll off the tongue. Yet there's evidence for the bible being way ahead of many important scientific discoveries! Who was the first to treat infectious disease properly? Who was the original marine biologist? Why rainbows? We're answering these and more with science facts and bible verses that predicted the greatest scientific discoveries of our time.

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10 Greatest Spiritual Characters in Science Fiction


10 Greatest Spiritual Characters in Science Fiction

This summer's upcoming reboot of the "X-Files" franchise after more than six years of living in a Mulder and Scully-less world, rebirth of the "Star Wars" franchise in the form of a computer-animated feature film and television series, and retirement of "Battlestar Galactica," as it (hopefully) finally finds Earth, got us thinking about the great relationship between science fiction and religion. And so, we give you our list of the ten greatest spiritual characters in science fiction.

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