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6 Ways Science Reveals God’s Truth

Dr. Leslie Wickman is more than a scientist, but a believer who explains that modern science reveals a creator.

Related Topics: Dr. Leslie Wickman, Science, Faith, Big Bang Theory, Books


The Perils of Vedic 'Science'

Hindu nationalists, like U.S. evangelicals, are co-opting their nation's culture and calling bad science good.

Related Topics: Faiths, Hinduism, Science, Modern Science, Hindu Nationalists, Astrology, Hindu, Vedic Creationism, Dead Matter, Vedic, Failed Vitalistic Theories, Liberal Constitutional Democracies



Five Reasons You Can Believe in Both Science and God

In his latest book, “Why Science Does Not Disprove God,” mathematician Amir Aczel explains that science and religion should not be mutually exclusive. Here are five reasons you can embrace scientific progress while staying devoted to your faith.

Related Topics: Science And Bible, Science And Faith, Evolution And The Bible


Inherit an Ill Wind

"Intelligent design" theory as an alternative to evolutionary theory

Related Topics: Evolution, Education, Science, Board Members, State, Young Earth Creationism, Science Educators, Science Standards, Entertainment, Creation Science, Writing Committee


'Contrary to Modern Science'

Three major science organizations dissociate themselves from the Kansas Science Education Standards

Related Topics: Science, Kansas Science Education Standards Acknowledgment, National Standards, Writing Team, Modern Science, Entertainment, Document, Standards, Organizations, American Association, Science Education

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