Should Science Speak to Faith?

Two prominent defenders of science exchange their views on how scientists ought to approach religion and its followers.


01/14/2012 01:58:29 AM

You are right in that there is no conflict, or there shouldn't be. Science tells us what happened but cannot tell us why. I am not as diplomatic , perhaps, as I strenuously object to the interference of some religious groups with medical/scientific research. I have witnessed first hand; the impact of religious intransigence, & at the same time, a detrimental attitude of arrogance on the part of science. At the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, the medical 'experts' believed that the lymphocytes most dramatically effected by HIV ; CD-4, or T-4 cells; were "junk cells". There were seen as important for the development of the human immune system in children & adolescents, but quite irrelevant in adults.How wrong they were! Then , during the early years of the epidemic, conservative Christians; largely under the umbrella group Moral Majority; fought vehemently & successfully, in opposition to the use of any public funds for HIV research; believing, as they do; that AIDS is the punishment of an angry deity. The subsequent delay in the development of effective treatment options denied thousands even a fighting chance at survival.

The Preacher

01/02/2008 01:43:07 PM

No scientist ever questions the construct and purpose of Scripture. Science asks the "How it came to be" questions and religion asks the questions concerning the whys of life. Two different question entirely. When I rise in the morning the question of the day is not "Did I come from a monkey?" but "What will be meaningful in my life today - for what purpose will I live or should I cease to live?" There is no conflict! There is always a tension as to purpose - ethics and that is very healthy!