06/02/2007 04:08:15 PM

To nnmns ,Yoou have proven the bible correct and didn,t even knowe it.The bible states that animals will bring forth after "THEIR KIND"a dog,coyote,wolve are the4 SAME KIND of animal,A horse donkey,Zebra are the SAME KIND of animal.This is simply VARIATION evolution.There are no transitional fossils.I might alsoo refer you to to debate the validity of evolution.Walt Brown will debate anyone using ONLY SCIENCE[not religion]to prove the Genesis account to be accurate and true.....again there is NO scientific evidence for Evolution[macro-evoltion.stellar evoltion,chemical evolution,etc...]


06/01/2007 08:38:14 PM

"what SCIENTIFIC proof?" saints if you really wanted to know you could look on the Internet. You could start here for instance. "a dog will always remain a dog and never evolve into a cat" Well duh. "A" dog won't evolve at all but some kind of creature evolved into dogs and another kind evolved into cats. If you look here you can find something about how wolves evolved into dogs with our help.


06/01/2007 10:46:47 AM

$27 million would have created many homes through Habitat for Humanity. It would feed a lot of homeless people, support women in crisis and help aid in drug addiction recovery. I suggest they expand their exhibit to include other science 'facts'; aliens, el Chupacabra, the Jack-alope and the Loch Ness monster. Where are they? They're real, I've seen the proof. Its on the internet and in books.


06/01/2007 08:04:12 AM

what SCIENTIFIC proof?The big bang?No evidence ther.Carbon dating?Highly speculative,More carbon 14 is hitting the earth than before because of the earths magnetic field growing weaker,which creates an older date.Micro-evolution?This is simply adaptation not evolution,a dog will always remain a dog and never evolve into a cat.Wheres the transitional fossils?None found.There simply nO EVIDENCE for Macro-evolution,one animal changing into another.Also what created the universe?Where did the energy come from to get everything started?Where did matter come from?What about the natural laws?Why aren,t they evoloving and changing?....Evolution is simply another religious belief system that is supported with our tax dollars....nothing ain,t science,which can be observed and tested and recreated....


05/31/2007 08:35:30 PM

Evolution is a theory with a lot of proof. The existence of any god is a hypothesis with no proof I'm aware of and very little in the way of supporting evidence. The existence of any particular god, e.g. one of the standard Christian gods, is an event of vanishingly small probability with no evidence whatever for it (or it would have been presented over and over). So it's laughable when people who believe in a particular god question teaching a well supported scientific theory. Except it's also serious.


05/31/2007 10:57:40 AM

I am not so egotistical as to believe that 6 days to mankind is the same as 6 days to God. Besides wasn't the sun created on day 4? A day on earth is determined by the sun, so just how long were days 1, 2 & 3?


05/31/2007 08:46:22 AM

Can a true Christian answer this question?Did death bring man into the world[as evolution teaches] or did man bring death into the world[as god,s word states]?Many,many evolutionists have doubts about their belief but refuse to look at God as the Creator and his word[Bible].People should read the Book Evolution Cruncher"and read the SCIENCE that disproves evolution and what Evolutionists have said about it in their journals....they know it isn,t true but they BELIEVE it no matter what[which makes it a RELIGIOUS belief]


05/31/2007 04:29:42 AM

- continued-- Note that when non-scientists use the word "theory", they are not talking about a theory in the scientific sense. They are usually talking about what a scientist would call a hypothesis - a "guess" as to the way things are. In science, hypotheses are subject to empirical test - if observations support the hypothesis, then it is substantiated. If over time enough observations support a hypothesis, it becomes a theory - an explanation that most completely explains what has been consistently observed. Creationism, by a scientifc definition, isn't a theory - it hasn't been substantiated by a very large body of observations. Therefore, teaching creationism (or its dressed-up cousin, intelligent design) alongside evolutions would indeed be unscientific. If done carefully, creationism may be taught someplace besides a science class - philosopy or literature, perhaps.


05/31/2007 04:28:48 AM

moth1701 said - However, I do believe that teaching creationism should be allowed, as it would be unscientific and a good deal closed-minded to teach only one definitive theory of life's creation. Science deals in the observable and repeatable. As somebody once said "If you can't measure it,it isn't science." As new observations become available, scientific explanations change to fit those observations. If enough ovservations over time support a particular explanation, that expalnation changes from a hypothesis to a theory.


05/30/2007 09:39:52 PM

I'm a pretty devout Christian who believes in evolution. I don't think the Bible, and much less the story of Genesis, needs to be read as literal fact to be a true and committed Christian or in fact, a member of any community that accepts Genesis in one way or another. However, I do believe that teaching creationism should be allowed, as it would be unscientific and a good deal closed-minded to teach only one definitive theory of life's creation. There are very rarely on ly two sides to any issue.


05/30/2007 08:14:10 PM

I agree galesms. The Bible is a book of instruction in Spirituality of the people that lived then, and their stories of their lives, and what we can learn from their stories. God is speaking to us through them. God speaks through us today when we use wisdom, love, and our abilities to do good for all. I don't think a Creationist museum is high on Gods list of how to spread Christianity. A thought. Are the little children playing with the 6,000 yr. old dinosaurs cavemens children? Or are they bibical children? What have they done with the cavemen and women in history? We have bones in Natural History Museums in our cities, how will they explain this to their children?


05/30/2007 06:24:20 PM

"Without the history of Genesis, you have no basis for any Christian doctrine" I may be dense, but this doesn't make any sense to me. I am a very strong, committed Christian, but I believe the creation story is just that, a story that helps us understand the love God has for us in creating a beautiful world. I believe that he created it through evolution. My belief in no way takes away from my faith or the value I place in the Bible. As a theologian once said "The Bible is true, and some stuff actually happened."