What Happened Before the Big Bang?

The question doesn't make sense if we posit that God sustains the universe from a 'location' outside of space and time.


12/12/2006 06:37:45 PM

In the beginning was God. Creator of the Heavens and Earth and everything is up held by His word. Yes God is Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent and He is Spirit and He is Love. For those of us who are born again believers and trust in His Word know that there are a lot of questions that are just going to have to wait until we are called home and then all are questions will be answered. That's why we are told to walk by Faith and not by sight, the carnal mind is enmity to God….and the wise things of men are Foolishness to God, it’s in His word….check it out it all wonderful…


11/13/2004 04:49:17 PM

Sorry - had to. ;-)


11/13/2004 04:48:23 PM

"The human mind cannot comprehend nothing (eg. NO THING)." In some cases, it seems that would include English.


10/26/2004 08:09:50 PM

The human mind cannot comprehend nothing (eg. NO THING). Our mind requires "things" in order to operate. Even when we contemplate "spirit" we MUST assign a form or shape or color, etc. Time, is just another "thing" that we add to the infinite mix of stuff. "Time" is just an increment of eternity. God is both inside (body) and outside (soul)of time, deathless, eternal and everlastingly independent of temporal considerations. The "Big Bang" is just a mind game a Zen Koan (paradox) that has no solution. I believe that The "Little Bang" preceeded the "Big Bang". :-)


09/13/2004 05:02:52 PM

Dr. Joseph wrote: So what if a god were "outside of time," he would come from somewhere. So from where? What made him and what made what made him and it and it and it.....? It might not be a problem. Our notions of something "being made" are interwoven with our notions of time, with causality as the link. To say that something must have "been made" it to say that it first did not exist, and then did -- an implied change over time. The same is true of the related phrase "come from."


06/29/2004 05:25:16 PM

So what if a god were "outside of time," he would come from somewhere. So from where? What made him and what made what made him and it and it and it.....? The same old questions come about whether or not this God were inside or outside of this universe's time continuum. Paul Davies claims to be a scientist yet believes in an "unchanging rational ground in which the logical, orderly nature of the universe is rooted." Yeah, sure, what's this universe's "rational ground" and "orderly nature" Mr. Davies always sees? The cruel and evil food chain, spontaneous abortion in up to 75% of resulting conceptions, diseases, retards, deformities, floods, famine, drought, pestilence, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, space matter running into each other, etc... I think Paul Davies is nothing but a Creationist who dresses as a scientist for Halloween. Dr. Joseph


01/15/2003 08:11:44 AM

Immediately, all electricity ceased and the ballroom was plunged into darkness. That's when the guests noticed something unusual outside the window. The unusual thing was that there was an outside, where before there had not been. Trillian, Phil/Zaphod's erstwhile companion, said, "Wow!" Naturally, the future president of the galaxy took this as acceptance of his advance. Watching the accidentally newborn universe expanding out into the far reaches, which had not existed a moment before, he took Trillian by the elbow. "Cool!" he said. "Let's go see it!" Trillian did not object. It was the most interesting that had happend in forever.


01/15/2003 08:05:26 AM

Young Phil/Zaphod spotted an attractive, and, more importantly, apparently available young woman by the punch bowl. He sidled up to her and, leaning on the table, coolly surveyed the ballroom with his left head, while his right head said, "Hey, baby! What do you say we blow this joint and find a really swinging party?" His words proved unceremoniously prescient, as he accidentally nudged the table and punch sloshed out of the bowl, shorting out a portable electronic Party Mood Detector.


01/15/2003 08:00:08 AM

Before the Big Bang was the party that had no beginning and which seemed like it would last forever. It was a lackluster affair, with bad music, mediocre booze and boring guests. Until the mysterious guest, who called himself Phil arrived. Whether Phil was his true name, or whether the name he was to become more generally know for--Zaphod Beeblebrox was is a matter of conjecture. All we know for sure is that "Phil" arrived in a ship that had a sign on it that read: Beeblebrox Salvage and Really Wild Stuff Corporation.


05/30/2001 09:19:15 PM

I think God to be a supernatural being in all of us. He has no face or body, but it's body is morality, technology and all that stuff put together. THe Supreme Being is everywhere. It is the force that gives us life and love.