The God Factor: From Obama, a Quiet, Humble Faith

At the National Prayer Breakfast, President Barack Obama describes the importance of prayer in his life.


02/02/2012 04:47:53 PM

...we are so blessed to have you as the President of the greatest country in the world. May HE continue to bless you and your family; and provide you spiritual wisdom, knowledge and patience...


05/11/2011 01:55:17 AM

Seldom have I read an article full of more hogwash. The President has repeatedly acted in a manner to poke his finger in the eyes of Americans, showed disdain for Christian people, and he has plenty of advisors to tell him how to sound like a humble pious person. None of this squares with his church in Chicago (the "pastor" Jeremiah Wright), or with his wife's statement that "for the first time she is proud of her country" when his party nominated him as the Democrat candidate. In the end, it's all about Barack Obama, and not about Jesus Christ. A real Christian would not behave this way, and would choose at least a few other real Christians to advise him, rather than surround himself with Marxist-Leninist idealogues. Only a fool believes the drivel in this blog.


03/14/2011 05:46:41 AM

Maybe if he was something less than the most strident proponent of slaughtering the unborn I might take his Christian faith more seriously. I cringe when the wacko's allege an Islamic faith; however, I shudder when he purports--however "humbly" you may infer--to have a faith that is genuinely Christian. This man has never taken a genuine stand based on a genuine faith. Stop looking for authenticity amidst the jive--the prayer breakfast is simply politics in a banner of religious respectability--always has been. Rick in Colorado


02/11/2011 07:10:39 AM

Lovely article.I'm so glad someone pointed out that one does not have to scream their beliefs on a street corner or wear their faith as a tshirt.It is very possible to be a deeply spiritual and religious person without having or needing to explain it to eveyone on the planet.Thank you.And thank you t President Obama for being so eloquent.