Ted Kennedy Quotes

As the nation remembers the Senator, be inspired by these Ted Kennedy quotes taken from his long career as a public figure.


09/05/2009 11:34:57 AM

But all the other surviving Kennedies are just a bit richer (though not too much, as I'm sure the bulk of his fortune went directly from offshore accounts into the extended hands of needy charities).


09/04/2009 07:13:10 AM

Dark and sinful side gets passed over. I am sorry for him, forgive him but can't acept the evil he has said and done.


08/30/2009 10:40:54 AM

the glue that helt us together is slowly fading away[like ted kennedy] sir i never meet you but i have felt your impact on my life..so rest in peace, an some day we shall meet in heaven


08/29/2009 08:47:51 AM

The world is a poorer place without Ted in it.