Barack Obama's Faith Journey

The spiritual biography of Barack Obama, from his birth in Hawaii to childhood in Indonesia to his association with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and his presidential campaign.


09/19/2010 11:33:22 AM

Hi, I particularly liked his video on slide 7. Many may profess Christianity, but still be simply putting on a show because that is what they want people to see them as. Christianity does not have a cornered market on morals. Many who profess Christianity have fallen to some immorality, and hopefully by the grace of God have sought forgiveness and strive to live above their past. I am a Christian. I could hope the whole world would become Christian. A Moslem could hope that the whole world would become Moslem. But we can love one another, in spite of our differences. A Christian may criticize a partiular Moslem doctrine, because that is a difference of belief. A Moslem may criticize a Christian doctrine, because that is a difference of belief. But we could wish that we could all believe alike, that doesn't make it so, and we can love one another, even if we criticize each other, as long as that criticism is done in love. Now, the real issue- politics. We have a separation of church and state. If an atheist, or Budhist, or any other person were elected, then he would have been elected by the people, not according to his belief system, but according to our separation of church and state. I believe that President Obama believes in Christianity. That does not make him a President. It is the will of the people, regardless of his faith. Chrisians are taught, "Blessed are the peacemakers." I could wish that all people could be peacemakers between Moslems, Jews, and Christians. Christians are taught to love, but so many of them seem to be so 'unloving'. I think that is what the President meant when he said that we don't need (I forget the exact phraseology) insincere religious people dancing and praising when they are merely putting on a show. I have known many that I believe to be non-Christian who seem to show more about love and being peacemakers than many of the religious, right wing conservatives. Politics don't make a person religious as religion doesn't make a person political.


03/07/2010 03:40:12 PM

This is to all believers who profess to knowing God. In knowing God we know his character and the principles by which He has commanded that we live by. How can you stand in judgment of a man who has made a commitment to raise the bar of fairness for all people. He cares about our children, as does God. He has become the voice for righteousness in a troubled world. He's opened the door to education, thereby closing the door to prison. He walks by faith and not by fear. God has put a new song in his mouth. A song of praise, a song of encouragement, a song of compassion and understanding. He understands the plight of a broken people, and works toward restoring lost souls to wholeness by speaking on how education eradicates poverty, and how adequate health care will assist our medical needs. Good physical health releases our ability to run a good race. If you truly knew God you would see God loving his neighbor as he loves himself. I pray that God will remove the scales from your eyes and allow you to truly know him, and become acquainted with his expressions of love, support, and fairness. President Obama exemplifies these Godly qualities. And if your prejudiced beliefs prevent you from seeing these truths, then you have chosen to be a part of the problems of the world rather than being a part of the solution by rallying your support in favor of President Obama. You who judge shall be judged.


01/11/2010 02:32:16 PM

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10/23/2009 09:03:23 PM

Obama doesn't remember when he was baptized, because he was never baptized. It's a minor little detail. But if you never joined a group, then you really aren't part of the group. Baptism is a rite, an ordinance, or a sacrament, just a membership card. Communists kept better track of their members than Obama pretends to have.


10/23/2009 08:59:09 PM

obama has no religious beliefs, other than a strong attraction to black muslims, such as the belief system of Rev. Wright of Chicago's Trinity Church of Christ. Oprah left the church when she saw what it was about. Obama just lied and pretended he never noticed what Rev. Wright preached, for 20 years. Obama also never brought his children to church. that might be his virtue. He didn't expose his children to the hatred Rev. Wright preached. What is Obama's real beliefs? He doesn't have any. He's whatever gets him elected. Whatever gets him the most campaign contributions or world adulations. He believes whatever you want to think he believes, so he can get your support.


04/25/2009 12:40:24 PM

icpelft you are absolutely right. As Christians we have every right to judge other believers and Obama CLAIMS to be a believer. We judge to protect the righteous. His actions however tell a different story. His views on abortion are ungodly. Obama believes in separation of Church and State.....he also separates his Christian life the same way. He pretends to be a Christian at home......he is secular at the office. That is not how it says we should be in scriptures. You LIVE YOUR FAITH EVERY MINUTE, EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY. We honor God in all we do. Is Obama honoring God?


01/19/2009 09:26:57 AM

If only people would properly study the context of "judge not..." SO many are so clearly NOT reading the entire scriptures in depth. To "not judge" refers to the exterior of a person, such as being rich or poor, etc. The Bible DOES say to judge what is right and wrong based on GOD's written criteria, not man's falible "idea" of right. In other passages, the Bible also states that we are not to "judge" if one is a "for real" Christian or not, that is Jesus' job; however, Matthew clearly states that "a tree will be known by its fruit". Thus far, Obama's "fruit" is the complete opposite of God's criteria of Righteousness. The encouagement I have is that God is in control of everything and nothing happens without His "authorization". We're going to get "change" alright, but it will be for the worse if it does not follow God's standard.


01/18/2009 02:48:22 PM

Peace Lover, If we are Christians like its meaning "in the likeness of Yeshua ha'meshiach (Jesus the christ)", We would realize every life has the right to decide their own destiny. The Declaration of Independence, written in forming the United States, say we have "unalienable rights", which is nothing more than our "birth right" to govern our own individual lives. If we are Christians believing every man will reap "whatsoever" they sow then who are we to say the aborter is not reaping being aborted in another lifetime? We should remember Yeshua said "judge ye not" and the what we call "the fall of man" is from judging one thing good and another evil as the metaphor of "the tree of the knowledge of good and evil" suggests.


01/18/2009 01:34:57 PM

The man does not follow through with what the Christian faith teaches....with what the Bible clearly teaches. He uses it to his advantage and I can't stand this view created by Mr Waldman (?) or whoever wrote the piece. It is sad...truely sad.


01/17/2009 04:03:29 PM

This is all well and good, if Obama actually followed through with his "Christian faith". No believer in Christianity would allow such horrible abortion options as Obama does. I am not against Obama, but I really do not appreicate this story on how his spirituality shapes his life. Obviously, it doesn't. Not if he can pass such abortion laws, and seem fine with it. You can not pick the parts of a religion that work for you, and forget about the rest.


01/16/2009 01:16:44 PM

Those are the things I admire about Obama, being an acknowledged mixed man with the stamina to to decide for himself rather than going with traditions. Had I not been "called out of the world" I would have voted for him. BUT... It appears to me that he is not willing to make this nation a Constitutional nation from the top down. Amendment 12, amending the election of presidents of Article 2, suggests that each state is to nominate their own presidential candidate and vise-presidential candidate with only one of the two being from their own state. The practice of this country, as far as I can remember, have had the media to name to the states people of the 2 main parties they want the states to nominate and have the nominees to appoint a vice to serve with them. That has eliminated one of the checks-and-balances written into the Constitution. I do not believe he is willing to demand the Supreme Court to reverse their 1890 decision, Hans v. Louisiana, 134 U. S. 1 (1890), which disallows citizens their Amendment 10 right to sue the governing bodies when they deliberately violate citizen's rights. That decision took away another of the Constitutional checks-and-balances written in it to ensure the people are not "hearded" but governed. With today's technology the United States now have the opportunity to require every decision by Congress to be decided by the congressman's constituents before they vote according to the desire of the people. They were elected to represent the people but without asking them how they want them to vote how are they representing the people? Elijah, aka NatureBoy


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