Different Worldviews for Obama, McCain Faithful

Half of John McCain voters believe Barack Obama is or was a Muslim, while many more Obama voters say McCain ran an 'unchristian' campaign, rather than vice versa.

Lance Patrick

11/16/2008 07:00:17 PM

Wow. It sure s comforting to know that the PEACEMAKERS know how yell at others with capital letters while not being judgemental about 'judgemental, hypocritical evangelicals/fundamentalists' who apparently are only partially literate. I would like to see the verses about inclusion that have not been revised by later editions such as 'and on earth, peace to men of good will'. (St. Luke 2:14 - DRB). That honestly does not seen too inclusive to me. Are the PEACEMAKERS in St. Matthew really at the right hand of God or called children of God? (St. Matthew 5:9 - DRB). What about the others mentioned in the beatitudes like the meek, the poor in spirit, they who mourn, those who hunger and thirst for justice, the merciful, the clean of heart, they that suffer persecution? Are we being inclusive of them or only concerned about the PEACEMAKERS. Does war-mongering apply to the Centurion? Please re-read St. Matthew 19 in it's entirety. You are only a confessional away from forgiveness for yourself as you forgive others(sounds familiar). You will feel better afterwards. The real peace only found in God be with you. Pax tecum.


11/10/2008 09:38:52 AM

For ALL the pseudo right-wing "Christians", it is difficult to fathom WHY Democrats are so evily judged; when we Progressive Christians work on our OWN lives rather than sit around condemning others! All you judgemental, hypocritical evangelicals/fundamentalists need to read the ENTIRE bible. There ARE many books and verses contained therein which ARE inclusive of ALL peoples! Among those verses, "The PEACEMAKER shall sitteth at the right hand of God" (Book of Matthew). NOT the War-Monger!!! Amen!