Rick Warren on His Saddleback Summit with McCain and Obama

The Purpose-Driven pastor assesses the nominees' performances, knocks Democratic faith outreach, and denies McCain had a leg up.


04/27/2012 08:32:10 PM

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09/13/2008 12:50:19 PM

I think that Rick Warren has really discredited himself. He's a phony if he says he's no longer part of the Religious Right. He did a great job for their point of view at the debate. Next time, perhaps Jim Wallis (of Sojourners), a TRUE Evangelist should be moderator.


09/04/2008 09:02:50 AM

I'm still trying to figure out what the whole point of this "exercise" was. (Barak Obama is going to say whatever he thinks he needs to say, depending on what audience he is in front of. I believe John McCain is less likely to do that). What I want to know, is why Is Rick Warren and Saddleback trying to set themselves up as the "arbiters" of the Christian/Evangelical voter block? Rick Warren does not speak for ME. I detected a little too much equivocation from him in this interview. You're supposed to be a representative of Jesus Christ, NOT a Political arbitrator between the Republican and Democrat parties. Jesus only had one thing to say about "politicians": "Render unto Caesar what is Caesars"....In other words, don't concern yourself with "politics", but with SOULS and with spreading the Gospel. Evangelicals, (nor Christians in general), need Rick Warren or anyone else to speak for us. We already know who we want to vote for....and WHY.


09/02/2008 11:18:31 AM

I continue to catch glimmers of Obama's faith in scripture. He quoted right out of Matthew in this forum.


08/27/2008 12:57:09 AM

That forum was nothing more than a vulgarly un-American religious test for the candidates. Religious belief has absolutely nothing to do with a candidate's qualification for public office, and in some cases, is a dangerous liability. The current occupant of the White House is proof positive of that.


08/21/2008 04:20:34 PM

Talking is good, so I think this forum was worthwhile. Hopefully everyone can learn from this forum and improve it so that the next one is even better. Maybe a tighter focus so that less questions are asked, but the candidates really have a chance to open up. I personally like Obama's approach. He seems humble and thoughtful. I wish that we could have a forum like this every week leading up to the elections, not all necessarily church-related of course, so the population at large could really get to know the candidates.


08/20/2008 02:18:53 PM

I am pro choice when it comes to abortion. And I personally do not like either McCain or Obama. Obama claims to be a christian? Yet he is muslim. And McCain I do not know what religion that man is. They both are just telling people what they want to hear, in order to get into office, and after that. Well it all changes. To this voter, they are both liers.


08/19/2008 08:54:42 PM

Abortion is wrong, so is adultery, fornication, lying, and war. I use to decide on a candidate based on 1 or 2 issues, but no more. Just because abortion is legal doesn't mean you have to have one. If the Lord can give us choices and hold us accountable for them so can I. I can choose or not choose for myself in the same way I choose salvation. Evil options exist, per the word...I have a choice just like Eve did.


08/19/2008 09:25:33 AM

I am getting a little tired of this continued talk about how we all have to get along. When an ideology is diametrically opposed to one you hold, you don't get along with it, you defeat it. And, I'm sorry, but certain people deserve to be demonized. When a man votes three times to allow doctors to kill babies who survived abortion attempts, that man is a demon and should be clearly labeled as such.